2 New Apartment House releases available from HCR

New recordings of
John Cage’s epic Concert for Piano and Orchestra and a new work by Christian Wolff, RESISTANCE.

A double album of chamber music by Michael Parsons

New CD of music by Philip Corner, available here on the Setola di Maiale label.


Antanas Rekašius Fonogramatika, LMIC, Vilnius, available here.
Chamber works by radical and forgotten Lithuanian composer Antanas Rekašius.

Rekasius CD cover

Joseph Kudirka Beauty and Industry (Another Timbre) available here.
The Guardian, ‘slow and starkly beautiful’, Ben Harper, All About Jazz ‘exquisitely
played by Apartment House’.

Kudirka CD Cover

James Saunders assigned #15 (Another Timbre) available here plus interview with James.
A beautiful new recording of an extended work revisiting earlier material that Apartment House performed by James in the past.
Listen to a track

saunders assigned

George Mačiūnas Musical Scoring Systems

A rare first recording of 8 seminal works from 1961-62 by Lithuanian artist and Fluxus founder George
Mačiūnas. Beautifully designed, packaged,
and released by the Lithuanian Music Information Centre, available
Some thoughts on it by
Ben Harper and Brian Olewnick on their Blogs.

One track,
Homage to Philip Corner is HERE on the Apartment House Soundcloud.

Maciunas CD cover

Christian Wolff at Angelica Festival available here


LAURENCE CRANE CHAMBER WORKS 1992-2009 available from Another Timbre, interviews and info. on their website, plus additional downloads



Laurence Crane
foto copyright Anton Lukoszevieze 2013

Jennifer Walshe XXX Live_Nude_Girls DVD, Mere Records, 2009 mererecords
“It is a powerful piece, driven by the discrepancy between the shiny, fashionable world of Barbie and the grainy reality of Walshe's music.” Christopher Fox, The Guardian, October, 2003


Peter Garland String Quartets, Cold Blue Music, 2009 coldbluemusic

“‘String Quartets’ exudes a wide-ranging and wide-eyed, even ecstatic character at times, due in no small part to the magnificent rendering of the quartets by the four Apartment House string players. In fact, it would be criminal not to comment on the caliber of the string playing, with violinists Gordon MacKay and Hilary Sturt in particular demanding to be recognized for the passion with which they bring Garland's luscious and lyrical melodies to life.” Textura, June 2009

"Peter Garland has had a rich career . . . and the two string quartets recorded here show the imprint of his varied interests and pursuits. . . . The first quartet, written in 1986 in Santa Fe and subtitled "In praise of poor scholars," takes as its inspiration a poem by a fifth century Chinese poet. Garland has delved deeply into the musics of East Asia, and he unselfconsciously and gracefully incorporates elements of pentatonicism into several movements of the quartet. He began the second in Japan and finished it in Germany in 1994. It, too, has a literary association; its subtitle, "Crazy Cloud," was the pen name of a fifteenth century Japanese poet, and it inhabits much the same varied musical landscape as the first. Apartment House, a group formed in 1995 and dedicated to new music, plays with commitment and understanding, making a strong case for Garland's sometimes enigmatic musical logic. The group also has an exceptionally pure and clean tone and a beautiful blend. The sound is intimate and clean." Stephen Eddins, All-Music Guide, 2009

James Weeks TIDE Metier MSV 28532

“Tide is a beguiling and impressively conceived and performed collection that testifies to the continuing vitality of the experimental project.” – Stephen Graham (Tempo)

Zbigniew Karkowski Atsuko Nojiri Continuity, 2007 asphodel
Features a re-mix (Perceptor) of the work Field commissioned for Apartment House string quartet by Sonic Arts Network/BBC Cut & Splice Festival, London 2006


If any recording constitutes the sum total of an artist's career to date, it is Continuity. Both a career overview and a glimpse into renowned Polish sound artist Zbigniew Karkowski's promising future, the compositions on this hybrid release sample and re-interpret the entirety of the Tokyo resident's rich catalogue of work. A master sound manipulator, Karkowski employs a variety of tools to process and rework original acoustic instrument recordings. The pieces presented on Continuity demonstrate Karkowski’s relentless attention to detail, and provide more than ample explanation for repeated invitations to perform at prestigious galleries, museums, and venues around the globe.

Cornelius Cardew Chamber Music 1955-64, Matchless Recordings, 2001

WDR - Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik 2002 live documentation CD
Christopher Fox An der Schattengrenze Cornelius Cardew Autumn '60 Alwynne Pritchard Geometry of Pain I
Released by WDR in 2002


Critical Notice New Work by British Composers, Unknown Public criticalnotice
Contains works by Laurence Crane and Richard Ayres performed by Apartment House


Critical Notice is a CD-book containing eleven recordings of new, previously unreleased work and six essays about contemporary music. The music, by composers on the Contemporary Voices scheme run by The British Music Information Centre (now incorporated into the Sound and Music organisation), is a selection taken from the eight hours of recordings made as part of the BMIC's adventurous, groundbreaking project to archive a wide variety of new British work.